$20 Off Complete Bilstein Engine Flush

Step 1

Heated Bilstein R-2000 Engine Flush solution is pumped through the oil filter port at 42 PSI.

Step 2

R-2000 Engine Flush solution flows through the engine’s lubrication system dissolving sludge and varnish.

Step 3

R-2000 Engine Flush solution back flushes the oil pump pickup screen. Dissolved sludge, varnish and debris flow to the oil pan where it is vacuum extracted to the BILSTEIN R-2000 Engine Flush Machine. Particulates over 3 microns are removed through three stages of ultra-fine filtration.

Oil Changes Are Not Enough

While oil filters remove particulate over 25 microns, sludge, tar, varnish and wear metals less than 25 microns continue to circulate within the engine and accumulate in the passageways, oil pump and oil pan. These contaminates cause engine wear, higher operating temperatures, and reduced lubrication.

Bilstein R-2000™ Engine Flush System

This environmentally safe system thoroughly cleans your engine by using patented adaptors and specially formulated solutions to dissolve accumulations of sludge, tar, varnish and wear metals.
The process is performed with the engine off. Using pulsating pressures, the Bilstein R-2000 circulates a heated petroleum distillate solution through the oil pump passage ways and reservoir to dissolve sludge.
A perfectly clean engine means better performance, superior fuel economy and longer engine life.

Now only $80 plus an oil change, and we will even perform a full general inspection and evaluation as a courtesy to our customers.

Offer Expires April 30, 2016