Quickies Quick Lube Center

Years ago we recognized that many of our customers were going to other places for oil changes because it was simply more convenient.  We also recognized that this left our customers at a disadvantage. Why?

  • We offer better qualified service personnel looking over your car.  Most service people at the chain quick lube centers are chosen because of their low hourly cost, not because of their expertise in looking over your car.  Our quick lube technicians have the experience to spot real problems that others may miss. Also anytime we see something that may need attention, we have ASE Master Technicians right here on the premises to provide much needed advice.
  • A Single place means all your service records are here, in one place.  When we can see all of your cars service records on our computer it allows us to make sure we don’t neglect some service.  By having only partial records here, we can’t really be sure what is needed.

At our quick lube center we offer the following services:

  • Oil Change Service
  • Fluid Exchanges & Services
  • Air & Cabin Filter Replacements
  • Tire & Rim Installations
  • Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection
  • Courtesy Maintenance Inspections
  • Fluid Top-Off
  • And many more services