Maintenance Services

Pouring Oil into the crankcase of a carAt R&S Automotive, we love to see our customers coming in, but we hate to see them coming in on a tow truck. For this reason, we are big believers in preventing breakdowns through proper maintenance.

When you give your car the maintenance that is recommended by the manufacturer you get so many benefits that help you.

  1. Preventative maintenance is more convenient for you.  Maintenance can be scheduled, breakdowns are not usually schedulable.
  2. Maintenance saves you money.  Maintenance is much cheaper than major repairs and a tow truck, usually just a tiny fraction of the cost.
  3. Proper Maintenance prevents most breakdowns. While some repairs just can’t be avoided, most of them can be through routine maintenance
  4. When you give your car proper care, it gives you peace of mind.  Taking care of your maintenance makes you feel comfortable especially when you hop in the car for a long trip.
  5. It increases your car’s resale value.  Maintenance records show buyers that you took care of the car.
  6. It makes your car’s life span much longer. A neglected car forces you to either pay big repair bills or give up your car earlier than you would want.

Here are some of the maintenance services we provide:

Manufacturer’s Scheduled Maintenance

Your car’s manufacturer has recommended service intervals that are important.  They help prevent costly repairs.  We help you keep your car maintained with reminders.

Fluid Inspections and Top-Off

We’ll check your fluids to see if they still have the protective properties for your car’s various operating systems.  Cooling, air conditioning, power steering, braking, automatic transmission, engine, and others.

Oil Change Services

The king of all maintenance services is the Oil Change Service.  For most cars, it must be done about every 3,000 miles.  We make it easy and convenient.  You can often wait for our service, or we’ll shuttle you home or to work and pick you up when it’s ready.

Battery inspection and life test

We have the technology that allows us to test your battery to see how much life is left.  This way you know you can depend on it.

Comprehensive fluid flushes

For some fluids, just draining the old fluid and replacing it just doesn’t cut it.  Often it is more effective to complete flush out the old fluids, clean out the system and then refill it with clean and protective fluids.  We provide this service for all your automotive systems.

Shocks and Struts Replacements

Shocks and struts are a very important part of your car.  It provides better drive-ability and handling.  But these component slowly wear out and should be replaced.  We carry high quality shocks and struts that last longer and provide a better feel.

2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Alignments

We offer accurate wheel alignments in our shop.  We have the ability to align most cars, light trucks, mini vans, SUVs, and work vans.