Your Dealership Alternative

Convenient Auto Repair: Free Shuttle Service in Santa Clarita Valley
Friendly shuttle driver in front of one of our shuttle cars

Come discover what so many have discovered: R&S Automotive is a wonderful alternative to service at the dealerships.  More and more former dealership customers come to us and tell us we are so much better.  Here are some of the the reasons we make such a great alternative to service at the dealerships.

More convenient and quicker than the dealerships

We are much easier to work with than the dealerships.  We are an independent auto repair shop that gets it right.  Like the dealerships, we have a shuttle service, but unlike the dealerships, we don’t shuttle a group of people all over Santa Clarita Valley and beyond.  Normally, it’s just you and our driver giving you a quick lift over back to your office or home and picking you up once your car is done.  If you’ve ever used the dealership’s shuttle, you will find this much more convenient and time saving.

At R&S Automotive, you get to talk to the people that know the particulars on your car’s repair.  You can even talk to the technician.  At the dealerships you usually pick up your car at the “Cashier” that doesn’t know anything about your car and if you ask, you are in for a long wait — if you get anything at all.  Here, we treat you like you would want to be treated.

Owner, Eddie Reinsma, in front of his Newhall auto repair shop, R&S Automotive
Owner, Eddie Reinsma

More personal, more friendly

We are the ONLY Santa Clarita Valley auto repair shop that has been awarded the 100% Customer Satisfaction Trophy for 3 consecutive years in third party independent surveys of our customers.  This is a testament to how we treat our customers. Our philosophy has always been to treat our customers with the same respect and care that we would our own grandparents. We take the time to explain your options and patiently answer your questions.

Same OEM or Better Parts

We are very committed to providing repairs and service that are done right the first time.  A critical component in this is the parts we choose to repair your vehicle.  The right part lasts longer, performs properly and saves you headaches.  That’s why we prefer to use all Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and factory parts for all of our repairs and maintenance.

Yes, we can get the exact same parts as the dealerships. This means there’s no need to worry about bringing your car to us for service.

Manufacturer Level Computer Service System
ASE Certified Technician utilizing OEM level computer service equipment

Dealership Level Computer Service Systems

We have made some very significant investments over the years into various manufacturer tools that allow us to diagnose and service the most complex systems in today’s vehicles.  This equipment allows us to perform computer checks on your car and with some brands we can even do more complex operations like re-keying and flash upgrades on your car’s computer.